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About the Department

The department has well-equipped laboratories with all the necessary facilities to kindle students' curiosity and make them competitive in the world of research. Our department strives to produce students with the necessary skills, scientific application, and critical faculties to conduct independent teaching and research.

Courses Offered UG, PG & Research Programmes


Placement data in percentage for the past 3 years Year No.of enrollment No.of Placed Percentage
1 2019 - 2020 22 13 59
2 2020- 2021 11 10 90.9
3 2021-2022 10 08 80


Students joined in Internship training (Molecular connection) at KSR College and MCAS -6nos

Salient Features


Seminars/Workshops conducted at National/International level

National level Seminars have been conducted-10

Total Seminars/Workshops have been conducted- 150


R&D Projects

S. No. Name of the Staff Name of the Project Period Academic Year Funding Agency Amount (Rs.)
1 Dr. N. Sudhakar Fast track Young Scientist Project from SERB, DST 2013-2016 2013 SERB, DST Rs. 27.27 Lakhs
2 Dr. M. Maghimaa TNSCST stu project 2016-2017 2017 TNSCST Rs. 10000
3 Dr. N. Sudhakar DBT STAR SCHEME 2018-2021 2018 DBT Rs. 1.04 Crores
4 Dr. N. Sudhakar Foldscope Project 2018-2020 2018 DBT Rs. 8 Lakhs
5 Dr. M. Maghimaa TNSCST stu project 2017-2018 2018 TNSCST Rs. 10000
6 Dr. N. Sudhakar Extramural Research Grant 2019-2022 2019 DBT Rs. 27.6 Lakhs
7 Dr. M. Maghimaa DBT Foldscope Project 2018-2020 2018 DBT Rs. 8 Lakhs
8 Dr. M. Maghimaa TNSCST stu project 2018-2019 2019 TNSCST Rs. 7500
9 Dr. M. Maghimaa TNSCST stu project 2018-2019 2019 TNSCST Rs. 7500
10 Dr. M. Maghimaa TNSCST S&T project 2019-2020 2019 TNSCST Rs. 4.2 Lakhs
11 Dr. N. Sudhakar SERB, DST ( CO INVESTIGATOR) 2019-2022 2019 SERB, DST Rs. 40.47 Lakhs
12 Dr. S. SHAHITHA TNSCST - Inservice training to science teachers in Namakkal district 2020-2021 2020 TNSCST Rs. 90000

Consultancy works

Generated ₹14400/- through Consultancy work in the academic year 2020 – 21 (Antimicrobial activity)

Social Activities

Extension activities done at Thoppupatty village, near singalanthapuram, Namakkal district and the activities done were Disease Awarness, Personal hygiene, Saplings plantation, Diagnosis of Blood Sugar level, Medical camp, Cleaning the school campus, Temple service (cleaning), Awareness about covid 19 disease

Unique Infrastructure

Highly equipped lab with latest instruments like ELISA Reader, Trinocular Microscope with advanced cameras, Western blotting, Cooling Centrifuge and generator facilities.

Research and lab work are highly precise with the use of high precision apparatus like micropipettes, high quality chemicals, and disposable wares.

Audio-visual aids like Slide Projectors, computer animations etc.

Well qualified and trained faculty in specialized branches.

Trained lab technician

Fully equipped and air-conditioned microbiological lab with incubation, inoculation, serological and instruments chambers separately under establishment.