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Chairman's Message


“Education is universal! It is an equalizer! It makes the Society fair and balanced!”

Vanetra Muthayammal Institutions shelve in always the elixir that education is of the people, for the people and by the people and it rears the society to be fair and balanced. Our vision is taking innovative initiatives to materialize intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual growth so that a committed, knowledgeable and socially responsible generation could be nurtured.

Our institutions have an ever oxygenated objective to feed education to the rural mass and to empower women to accomplish their dreams. We have adopted a quality policy that is underlined with excellence to seek, strive and achieve dizzy heights in Arts & Science, Technical and Teacher Education. Our institutions vitaminize those students who excel in sports and games and groom them to hold our flag fly high at the State, National and International sports meets. It is an incredible icing on the cake that our sportsmen and sportswomen drive home every year with a great haul of medals and records. We strongly believe that students must learn what should be learnt and then they should live their learning.

It is the epitome of our institutions that learning acquired should help learners to expand their horizons in all phases of their life. We are certain that imparting education does not confine itself only to regional or national boundaries; but it crosses across the borders. We can proudly state that we have educated a fair number of international students.

There are many ways to make an impact on the world. But there is no greater impact than spreading education and empowering people who in turn will empower and teach people.

Be a part of our institutions!
Experience the Excellence!
Learn and Lead!
I wish everyone all the best to flourish in all their endeavors.