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Research papers submitted to mcas JOURNAL OF RESEARCH must be original, have never been published or submitted for publication elsewhere. In case of co authored papers it will be the responsibility of the corresponding author of the paper to ensure that the manuscript has been approved by all the co-authors. In addition, it is also the responsibility of the corresponding author to ensure that a paper emanating from a particular institution has obtained the necessary approval of that institution. Editorial board has the sole right to publish or not to publish any paper and its decision is final concerning publication of any paper.

Manuscripts should be sent to the Editor-in-Chief, mcas JOURNALOF RESEARCH. Authors are advised to submit soft copies of their manuscript to the e-mail address If there is any difficulty in submitting a soft copy online, they can send the softcopy online to the Papers should be typed in MS-Word, 1.0 spacing using Times New Roman, font size 12. The length of the articles should be 4000 words or less. Though, longer research papers may be considered whereever necessary.