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Department of physics

Physics is a branch of pure science, it deals with the study and analysis of physical phenomena that takes place around us, the nature of the forces responsible for them, and accurate measurement of the physical parameters involved, their interdependence and the laws governing them.

The laboratory sessions are intended to give the students a hands-on experience of the experiments that enable the verification of the knowledge gained in the theory classes.

Knowledge of Physics enable the students to apply their problem solving skills and rational thinking of the students to practical situations in life

Courses Offered

The department of physics was established in the year 2002 with the installation a Bachelor of Science Degree. Post Graduate Degree was brought into the fold in 2003 and M. Phil., in 2012 to promote the students to acquire research attitude and aptitude.

  • B. Sc., Physics
  • M. Sc., Physics
  • M. Phil., Physics


The physics students are selected for various companies through Campus Interview

Top Recruiters:

Placement data in percentage for the past 3 years

S.No. Academic Year No. of Students admitted No. of Students to atttend the placement class No. of Students Placed %
1 2017 - 2020 121 28 15 53.5
2 2018 - 2021 113 12 12 100
3 2019 - 2022 90 15 15 100

Salient Features:

  • The department periodically organized National / International Conference / Seminar : 04
  • The department periodically organized state level Seminar : 08
  • The department organized Guest Lecture programme : 10
  • The department periodically organized Workshop : 11

R&D Projects

Science and Engineering Research Board

(Statutory Body Established Through an Act of Parliament : SERB Act 2008)

Department of Science and Technology, Government of India

Research project entitled “ Electrospun poly(caprolactone)/gelatin/alginate nanofibers as an injectable hydrogel for cartilage tissue engineering applications ” under the guidance of Dr. Sangeetha K, Physics, Muthayammal College of Arts & Science , Vengayapalayam, Kakkaveri (PO), Rasipuram (Tk, Dt), Tamil Nadu, TAMIL NADU-637408 .Sanction of the competent authority is hereby accorded to the payment of a sum of Rs. 450000/- (Rupees Four Lakh Fifty Thousand only)

Students’ Publications : 01

Staffs’ Publication : 63

Books Published : 02 (Single Author & Co-Author )

Social Activities

  • Improve rural development.
  • Conservation, development and use of natural resources.
  • To raise the standard of living of the rural people by helping them in right use of their resources.
  • To help in planning and implementing the family and village plans for increasing production in various occupations.

Unique Infrastructure

In the Physics Laboratory, the students have a full- hand operation of measuring instruments, such as, Vernier Calipers, Screw Gauge, Spectrometer, Traveling Microscope and Telescope The students are also provided with full hands on experiences in optical instruments, such as, Optical benches, Lasers, Michelson Interferometer, Newton’s Ring and Air Wedge.